Looking for unique, smart solutions for cryogenic applications? Cryofab has durable, well-built and expertly designed cryogenic liquid dewars:

  • Standard Product Lines
  • OEM High-Quality cryogenic storage.
  • Need custom cryogenic storage, equipment or accessories? We'll fulfill your requirements for a single vessel or many: from prototype to production:

  • Custom Cryogenic Tank Design
  • Short Run or High Production Manufacture of Cryogenic Equipment
  • Tanks need repair or accessories? We can repair all types of cryogenic storage and sell parts for cryogenic tanks.


    Special project? Ask the cryogenic experts at Cryofab: on the web via email

    Liquid Helium

  • CMSH Series Transport, Storage & Experimental
  • CSM/CVSM Magnet Dewars
  • CFHT Series Transfer Lines
  • Liquid_Nitrogen_Oxygen_Argon_icons%20copy
    Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon

  • CL/CLPB Series Pressurized Containers
  • CFN Series Atmospheric Containers
  • CH Series Larger Volume Storage and Transport
  • CF Dewar Flasks
  • CLD/CHD Series Larger Volume Distribution
  • CFCL Series Vacuum Insulated Transfer Lines
  • CFUL Series Uninsulated Transfer Lines
  • VJ Piping Vacuum Insulated Rigid Piping
  • Liquid_Hydrogen_icon
    Liquid Hydrogen

  • CLH Series
  • Liquid_Neon_NaturalGas_Krypton_Xenon
    Liquid Neon, Liquid Natural Gas, Krypton, Xenon

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