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Apr 22

Green Hydrogen | War Affects Helium Shortage | Student wins Cryogenic Scholarship | Cryopreservation of China’s Plants

cryogenic news

Australian researchers claim “giant leap” in technology to produce affordable renewable hydrogen

Researchers in Australia have developed a new technology that will reduce the cost to produce green hydrogen. Gerry Swiegers is chief technology officer at Hysata, and a professor at the University of Wollongong. He and his team of researchers developed a capillary-fed electrolysis cell with a unique membrane for separating water into hydrogen and oxygen. Read more via The Guardian

cryogenic news - helium

War in Ukraine makes helium shortage more dire

Helium prices are rising as the war in Europe affects supplies from Russia and helium production in Algeria. Researchers who use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging face shortages. These shortages could cause expensive shut downs that risks damaging equipment. Larry Fertel of IsleChem, reported that suppliers will send only half his usual shipment, and that cylinders of helium are harder to find. Read more via Chemical & Engineering News

cryogenic news - cryogenic engineering

Student View: No better place for accelerator science

Michigan State University student Jonathon Howard received the Klaus and Jean Timmerhaus Scholarship for future cryogenic engineers and scientists. He looks forward to continuing his studies at MSU’s College of Engineering. The University’s Cryogenic Initiative links engineering students with the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, which features a state-of-the-art cryogenic refrigeration plant. Read more via MSUTODAY

cryogenic news - cryopreservation

Ultracold storage ensures a future for endangered plants

Will there be magnolia trees in 100 years? The Kunming Institute of Botany is storing magnolia seeds in liquid nitrogen tanks, and then testing the seeds’ viability when thawed. The Institute is storing seeds and plant tissues from all over China. With nearly 11,000 samples, plant scientist Liang Lin estimates they have about a third of China’s plant species stored in their cryopreservation system. Read more via Nature

cryogenic valves in multiple styles

From Cryocomp

How to Specify a Cryogenic Valve

See what to consider and how to choose among options when specifying a cryogenic flow valve. Ensure that you get the ideal equipment for your vacuum jacketed piping system from our subsidiary, Cryocomp.

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