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Jan 15

Toronto Pizzeria Teases Cryogenic Preservation | Qatar Embargo Lifted | Hydrogen-powered Super Racecar

Boston Pizza, john st. Turn to Cryogenics To Preserve The Pizzaburger

These Toronto pizza makers wanted to preserve their seasonal specials for the future, according to their video. The serious-sounding voice over goes on to say that legitimate scientists refused to help Boston Pizza preserve its limited-time-only dishes. The resourceful pizzamakers bought their own lab coats, swished colored water in beakers, and found a cryogenic freezer on Craig’s list. They offer no guarantee that their cryo-preserved pizzas and burgers will still be tasty, so they recommend you buy them now while you can. Read more via Shoot online

Kornbluth: Lifting Qatar embargo should improve helium logistics— but Covid-19 remains an obstacle

Saudia Arabia has lifted the embargo on Qatar, which will make it easier to get helium to market. First imposed in 2017, the embargo disrupted the helium supply chain until alternate shipping routes were established. It is not clear how quickly lifiting the embargo will impact helium supply and costs. COVID-19 travel restrictions are likely to slow transporting the helium to the port. Read more via Gasworld

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Glickenhaus Just Teased a Hydrogen-Powered Supercar With Insane Range

The sports car manufacturer Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus annouced they want to run a hydrogen-powered vehicle in the Baja 1000 race. Their goal is to create a hydrogen-fueled version of their Boot model that can complete the famously grueling off-road race without refueling. The car is just a concept for now, “One’s grasp should always exceed one’s reach.” said Jim Glickenhaus, founder of SCG. Read more via Motortrend

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