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Jul 09

Hydrogen Le Mans Hypercar | Saving Florida’s Coral | Studying Louisiana’s Deltas

cryogenic news - hydrogen fuel

Glickenhaus Wants To Win Le Mans With Wild Hydrogen Racer

The Glickenhaus Zero concept race car will use cryogenic hydrogen to create electricty for a fuel cell, with water as a by-product. They hope to run the ICE Le Mans Hypercar in the famous race in 2024, when a new hydrogen Le Mans Hypercar class is planned. Glickenhaus Zero is a new venture from James Glickenhaus that is dedicated to building zero-emissions race cars. Read more via CarBuzz

cryogenic news - cryopreservation

Florida Aquarium crossbred wild and lab corals in landmark breakthrough

Researchers swapped liquid nitrogen containers of preserved coral sperm and successfully created a hardier new species. The Florida Aquarium and the University of Miami each collected samples of healthy, local brain coral. Researchers drove the samples across the state to make the exchange in a fast-food restaurant parking lot. Both institutions were able to produce healthy, lab-grown coral. Read more via Tampa Bay Times

cryogenic news - cryopreservation

Dwindling Deltas

A Cryofab liquid nitrogen tank in the wild— literally. A research scientist from Louisiana State University is using the tank to preserve samples of earth. The samples will be used in a study of deltas that are gaining land while land is being lost elsewhere in the Mississippi delta system. Read more via The Advocate

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