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Sep 23

Cooking Safely with Liquid Nitrogen | Instrumentation for Cryogenic Fuel Systems | Can Exotic Matter Be Used to Make Wormholes?

Is It Dangerous To Use Liquid Nitrogen While Cooking?

Tasting Table lays out the advantages and risks of using liquid nitrogen to make food. If handled safely by trained staff, using liquid nitrogen is safe. Nitrogen should be stored in a specially-designed cryogenic container. The vessel should be insulated to keep the liquid cold and protect the chef. Further, it must be vented to prevent dangerous pressure build up as the liquid warms and becomes a gas. Most people handling liquid nitrogen use safety protection to avoid frostbite from contact with the cryogenic fluid. Read more via Tasitng Table

Moving beyond instrumentation for new types of aircraft propulsion

Cryogenic hydrogen fuel systems require careful monitoring for safety and efficiency. One supplier of automated testing and measuring systems, NI, has found that technologies developed for space craft can be applied to to aviation. “We’ve been focused on the requirements for safely moving hydrogen around such as fuel supply, purge supply, instrumentation, flow control and pressure monitoring.” says Nathan Nims, of NI. NI is a supplier to firms in the aerospace industry in the US and Europe. Read more via Aerospace Testing International

Curious Kids: what is exotic matter, and could we use it to make wormholes?

A 14-year-old asked Curious Kids about using exotic matter to make wormholes in space. The answer includes a description of superfluid helium as an example of exotic matter. “We can create exotic matter in laboratories by cooling some materials to very low temperatures. Extremely cold helium is one example.” It goes on to say that while scientists can define a wormhole, they don’t know how to make one. So no one knows if exotic matter could be used to for that purpose. Read more via Western Morning News

cryogenic valves in multiple styles

From Cryocomp

How to Specify a Cryogenic Valve

See what to consider and how to choose among options when specifying a cryogenic flow valve. Ensure that you get the ideal equipment for your vacuum jacketed piping system from our subsidiary, Cryocomp.

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