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How to Select a Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Frequently Asked Questions

Optional Add-Ons For Your Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Once an application is established we then might ask or offer any of the following optional additives.

  • CFUL-4 (4′ cryogenic fill/withdrawal transfer hose, armor casing)

  • CFUL-6

  • 1″ o.d. phase separator w/hose adapter

  • Locking casters

  • Outboard caster configuration

  • Vertical 1/2″ withdrawal port

  • Gravity feed top port (Allows access to inner reservoir through top)

  • Dedicated solenoid Outlet, 1/4″ NPT

  • Removable manifold

  • Additional segregated fill/withdrawal valve

  • Side neck access so center neck can be utilized for an experiment

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