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CFN Series

Low Pressure Container

Atmospheric Containers CFN Series Dewar


Low Pressure Container Low Pressure Cryogenic Container

The absolute back-to-basics low pressure container without bells and whistles. This product line is a throwback to the days of simple fabrication and uncomplicated operation. The design criteria for this product line is to supply a robust container for transportation and atmospheric storage of liquefied gases in smaller capacities.

This low pressure container features a narrow neck opening which helps to keep the loss rates to a minimum. This container is not meant for long hold time storage but as an alternative to liquid supply in a lab or plant operation. Equipped with a discharge device and casters, liquid cryogens can be available on demand.

Features of Atmospheric Containers CFN Series Dewar

  • All stainless steel materials
  • Double-walled, vacuum insulated
  • All welded construction
  • Sizes from from 25 liters to 200 liters capacity
  • Minimal loss rates
  • NW flange for discharge device attachment for liquid disbursement
  • Two stainless steel handles
  • One-year warranty on vacuum
  • Many custom options

Many Different Configurations Available

See below for some of the available options.
Custom Work Is Our Specialty

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Customize It

You can customize your low pressure container however you like with the following options:

  • Larger Necks: To allow devices and experiments to be performed inside the container without the need of liquid transfer.
  • Auxillary Side Neck: Permits instrumentation/experiments to remain inside the dewar while cryogen supply is replenished.
  • Flanged Neck Termination: Custom machined for experiments and application integration.
  • Multiple Necks: Number of necks, size and location per requirement.
  • Outboard Casters: To improve stability.
  • In-board Casters: To improve mobility.
  • CMC Discharge Device: Consists of a withdrawal valve, vent valve, pressure gauge and relief device.

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Available Optional Accessories For This Low Pressure Container

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