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Cryogenic Equipment Solutions

Cryofab offers cryogenic products for the following industries: research, medical, biotechnology, instrumentation, superconductivity, semi-conductor, home care and food service. Cryofab proudly provides both standard cryogenic equipment as well as custom solutions.

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Cryogenic Dewars, Cryogenic Tanks, Cryogenic Hose and Transfer Systems


Liquid Helium


Liquid Nitrogen, Argon, and Oxygen


Liquid Hydrogen

Liquid Neon, Liquid Natural Gas, Krypton & Xenon
We make containers and transfer hose for these cryogens. Call the factory for more information 800.426.2186

Cryofab has been a trusted manufacturer of cryogenic equipment for more than 50 years.

We have grown solely on the merits of its innovative cryogenic products, solutions, and superior service. Our products have found their way to ALL continents of the world.

Quality Cryogenic Products from our Subsidiaries and Partners
cryogenic treatment system
cryo biology laboratory vessels
cryogenic valves in multiple styles
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