Cryogenic Equipment Repair Services

Cryofab, Inc. is one of the few companies offering a repair service that happens to be a DOT 4L cryogenic equipment manufacturer as well. By combining our expertise in fabrication with a culmination of decades of experience we offer, by far, the highest quality reconditioning program.

We follow good manufacturing practices, which in turn are used in the service aspect of our business. It is our philosophy to be thorough through all aspects of container service, from the time the container arrives to its return to the customer. Testing and evacuation is done with industry standard equipment. FDA guidelines and paperwork are kept and filed for tracking purposes where applicable. We offer a one year warranty on vacuum work and 90 days on parts.

Not just anyone can re-evacuate a cryogenic container and guarantee longevity. It takes not only proper equipment, but time-proven procedures to make sure the vacuum levels on cryogenic dewars last for years. Choosing the RIGHT service provider can be the difference between a vacuum lasting 18 months or multiple years after the performed service.

We Service:

  • Cryofab Liquid Cylinders
  • Liquid Helium Dewars
  • Cryofab Distribution Tanks Up To 1000 Liters
  • Transfer Lines
  • Superconducting Magnet Dewars
  • Medical Oxygen Delivery Tanks
  • Homecare Stationary & Portable Units
  • Dewar Flasks
  • Vacuum-Jacketed Piping (VJ Piping) and Manifolds, repairs done in factory.

We're also experts at custom fabrication. You need it. We supply or make it. Don't See It? Call us for our unique custom design and engineering capabilities, 1.800.426.2186 or

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cryogenic equipment repair - liquid oxygen distribution tanks
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