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Custom Cryogenic Engineering & System Design

Cost-effective Custom Cryogenic Fabrication

The custom cryogenic system design process begins by identifying the requirements of the customer and adapting them to our technical capabilities. When you couple this process with a comprehensive range of standard products in an array of different fields, you get a solid model for providing a cost-effective end result in a manageable timeframe.

Experienced Cryogenic Engineers

Cryofab’s experienced cryogenic engineers can design and fabricate dewars, containers, tanks, cryostats, and cryogenic transfer systems to your exact specifications.

Designed to Exact Specifications

Custom cryogenic engineering & design can take shape in many different formats. Ideas can be derived from our existing standard products or developed around existing customer parameters. The variables that can be considered are:

  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Pressure
  • Materials of construction
  • Portability/Stationary mounting options
  • Plumbing configurations

Competitive Prices, Timely Delivery

There are two issues that most people see as a drawback to cryogenic design:

1. “It will cost too much.”
Historically, our pricing has been more than reasonable. Cryofab works with our customers to develop a budget-conscious price structure without compromising the end result integrity.

2. “Delivery will be too long.”
Most products can be developed by using a wide variety of materials on hand. Normal deliveries for nonstandard fabrications can be as short as 8 weeks.

Virtually Limitless Design Options

It is not possible to put into print the different types of products that Cryofab has fabricated over the past 50 years. The statement “a picture is worth a thousand words” especially holds true for this aspect of our engineering capabilities. Please review the custom cryogenic design work on this page, then give us a call. Together we can formulate a plan to meet your exact requirements.

Cryogenic Systems for All Applications

Boundaries have yet to be set for cryogenic applications. Areas where our equipment and talents have been applied are:

  • Industrial
  • Laboratory
  • Medical
  • Homecare
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor
  • Superconductivity
  • Pharmaceutical

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for product-specific questions to consider when designing custom cryogenic systems.

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“Cryofab made our development work easy.”—Ed Blalock

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