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Cryogenic Parts

This is a collection of cryogenic parts — odds and ends that make life easier in the cryogenic community. Some are a necessity while others a luxury. Regretfully, there are too many to picture here.

Order Cryogenic Parts and Accessories

CMSH Access Ports and Port Parts

CMSH Piping Parts

CMSH Differential Gauges

CMSH Calibration Chart Decals

CL, CLPB or CH Series Replacement Parts and Accessories

CLD/CHD Replacement Parts and Accessories for Transport
CFUL Uninsulated Liquid Transfer Hose

Vacuum Seal Valves and Operators

HomeCare Liquid Oxygen Respiratory System Parts

We can, however, list them:

  • Vacuum insulated flex hoses, any length, etc.
  • Uninsulated stainless steel flex hoses, any length with an assortment of end fittings to meet your needs
  • Foam insulated flex hoses, any length with an assortment of end fittings to meet your needs
  • Cryogenic solenoids
  • Relief assembly for solenoid attachment
  • Cryogenic valves short and long stem type
  • Phase separators 1/2″ O.D., 1″ and 1 3/8″ O.D.
  • Liquid level controllers, thermistor and differential pressure type
  • Flutter tubes for LHe level detection
  • Pump out and relief assemblies from 1/4″ to 3″
  • Pump out operators from 1/4″ to 3″
  • Complete line of parts for Liquid Helium Containers and Liquid Nitrogen containers
  • Bayonet assemblies, Linde style and Cryolab for LHe service
  • Custom made fill assemblies for LN2,”T” and “U” pattern
Cryogenic Parts – Cryogenic System Accessories

These cryogenic accessories and others can be custom designed to fit your application requirements:

  • Vacuum Insulated Flexible Hose
  • Keep-Full Devices
  • Cold Traps
  • Dewar Flasks – see our “commonly asked questions” for customizing tips.
  • Cryogenic Subcoolers
  • Portable Containers
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