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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Parts & Accessories

For Cryofab CL Series, CLPB Series, or CH Series tanks.

Containers and parts are also suitable for liquid oxygen or liquid argon.

accessories and parts for liquid nitrogen tanks, labeled

You can be assured of optimum performance with nitrogen tank parts or accessories from Cryofab. Made at the factory, these OEM parts are specially designed for the CL/CLPB Series and CH Series of tanks.

Listed here are important safety valves and gauges, as well as convenient upgrades for cryogenic tanks. If you have questions about which part is best suited to your tank, call the factory at 1.800.426.2186.

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  CL/CLPB and CH Series Part Numbers
Order by Part Number. Note: for the Differential Liquid Level Gauge you must specify tank capacity in liters. For Relief Valve, Rupture Disc, and Pressure Regulator, specify the pressure needed. If you have any questions, please call the factory: 1.800.426.2186
Relief Valve-1/4″ NPT — select pressure
10 PSI VALREL1/4-10
22 PSI VALREL1/4-22
25 PSI VALREL1/4-25
The relief valves above fit the CL/CLPB or CH Series containers. Relief valves are available in other sizes for other applications: 50 PSI, 100 PSI, 150 PSI & 235 PSI. Call 1.800.426.2186
Rupture Disc-1/4″ NPT – select Pressure
50 PSI DISRUP1/4-50
100 PSI DISRUP1/4-100
350 PSI DISRUP1/4-350
550 PSI DISRUP1/4-550
PB Angle Valve-1/4″ NPT VALANG1/4
Pressure Gauge — select pressure
0-200 PSI GAUPRE2.5X200
Pressure Regulator— select pressure range
20 PSI REGPRE1/4-20
50 PSI REGPRE1/4-50
125 PSI REGPRE1/4-125
Vent or Liquid Fill/Withdrawal Valve  VALGLO3/8
Differential Pressure Level Gauge — specify by tank capacity
25 Liter GUADP10
50 Liter DW GAUDP14DW
50 Liter OR GAUDP14OR
80 Liter GUADP16
110 Liter GUADP18
160 Liter GUADP23
240 Liter GUADP26
Liquid 1/2″ Male Flare CONMALFL1/2X3/8
Black Evacuation Port Cap CAPVAC1
Casters CASWCS3
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