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Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer

OEM & Contract Manufacturing

As a cryogenic equipment manufacturer, Cryofab specializes in listening to customers. We have found that this is the single most important issue.

By performing this simple but often overlooked task, products can be developed to meet expectations and applications in short periods of time. This is the place where a practical wish list can be transformed into a working piece of support equipment that enhances the finished product and adds convenience for the end user.

Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer – Providing Customized Solutions

Our in house design staff will work to educate you in cryogenic realities as well as develop viable solutions to perceived problems. If you require liquid cryogens for applications in industry, lab, homecare, medical, semiconductor or pharmaceutical, Cryofab can provide the support and guidance to meet your requirements.

We are a cryogenic equipment manufacturer who also specializes in providing customized solutions, which means we’ll work with you to develop and manufacture cryogenic equipment that suits your specific needs. In addition to tanks, we also manufacture manifolds, valves, transfer lines, hoses, accessories, and valves.

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