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Cryo Transport Tank Replacement Parts

for Cryofab CLD/CHD Series storage and transportation systems

cryo transport tank replacement parts, labeled

High-quality parts for cryo transport tanks from Cryofab. You can order gauges, regulators, and rupture discs made for CLD/CHD Series liquid distribution systems. If you have any questions about the right replacement part for your cryogenic transportation model, please consult with the factory: sales@cryofab.com

CLD/CHD Series cryo transport replacement part numbers
Order by Part Number. Where required, specify by pressure. If you have any questions, please contact the factory: sales@cryofab.com
Fill/withdrawal valve VALGLO3/4-V-2
Full Trycock Valve VALGLO3/4-V-1
Isolation Valve VALNEE1/8-V-6
LG-1 Liquid Level Gauge
Low Pressure GAUVALCHD425LP
High Pressure GAULEVCHD425N
PCV-1 Pressure Building Regulator
20 PSI REGPRE1/4-20
45 PSI REGPRE1/4-50
75 PSI REGPRE1/4-75
PCV-2 Road Relief Regulator
50 PSI REGBAC1/4-50
140 PSI REGBAC1/4-140
V-3 Pressure Builder Valve VALGLO3/8
PG-1 Pressure Gauge (0–200PSI) GAUPRE2.5X200
V-4 Road Relief Isolation Valve VALGLO3/8
RD-1 Rupture Disc-3/8″ DISSRUP3/8
RV-1 Relief Valve
22 PSI VALREL3/8-22
50 PSI VALREL3/8-50
75 PSI  VALREL3/8-75
150 PSI VALREL3/8-150
V-5 Vent Valve VALGLO3/8

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