Cryogenic Industry Resources

Cryogenic Industry Partner Firms

Cryomagnetics, Inc. — Another leader in the cryogenic industry, Cryomagnetics manufactures superconducting magnets and complete superconducting magnet systems. Specializing in NMR, ICR, Gyrotron, and highfield superconducting magnets, Cryomagnetics creates custom design systems and related cryogenic instrumentation.

Cryomech Inc. — Cryomech manufactures small liquid nitrogen plants capable of producing 5, 10, or 40 Liters of liquid nitrogen a day directly from the air. Cryomech also manufactures a complete line of cryorefrigerators and cryostats for temperature ranges between 293K to 2.2K.

CryoPlus, Inc. — CryoPlus offers cryogenic services for a broad range of industries and is capable of dramatically improving the performance characteristics of a wide variety of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys and carbides. One of the major benefits of their services is that deep freezing metal parts makes the internal structure stronger, more uniform, and more durable. Cryo-processing also increases abrasive wear resistance with one permanent treatment.

CTP Cryogenics — For over thirty years, Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. has been a leader in deep cryogenic treatment and thermal processing. Our proprietary cryo processing optimizes the crystalline structure of steel, gray iron, aluminum, and other metal and plastics.

Custom Biogenic Systems — Custom Biogenic Systems manufactures liquid nitrogen cryopreservation equipment and control rate freezers. They also create racking systems for upright, chest, and liquid nitrogen freezers. They carry a full line of controls, alarms, and accessories. You can email them at

Systematic Controls Corporation — Systematic Controls Corporation is a major supplier to the industrial control market worldwide. They have a broad product line of ARRA-certified standard control devices that meet demanding customer requirements. Their products in this diverse market provide a great example of their customer-driven, problem solving capabilities.

Valtorc — Valtorc is a manufacturer of American-made valves and actuators often used in the cryogenic industry. Most of their valves are manufactured in the United States of America. All of their valves and products are tested in their Georgia, USA-based location before shipment.

Cryogenic Industry Professional Organizations and Publications

Cryogas International magazineCryoGas International is published on a monthly basis and discusses the growth, technology and economic health of the North American industrial, medical, and specialty gases industries. Through fair, accurate, and timely reporting, CryoGas International provides cutting edge information on the cryogenic industry.

Cryogenic Society of America — We are a corporate sustaining member in the Cryogenic Society of America, Inc. (CSA), one of the leading organizations in the cryogenic industry. CSA is a nonprofit technical society serving all those interested in any phase of cryogenics. Email or more information.

Gasworld magazine — Gasworld Magazine remains the only truly global publication for the industrial gas community, reaching engineering managers, business and application managers, general managers, Senior VPs, and CEOs in over 140 countries, and is a clear brand leader in the gas and cryogenic industry.

GAWDA (Gases and Welding Distributers Association) — The industry’s foremost resource for safety and compliance information, education and networking, GAWDA provides opportunities to share in the pride derived from the history of the association, stay on the cutting edge of the constantly-changing present of the industry, and help set the direction for the exciting future of the distribution of gases and welding supplies and equipment. Click here to read some of their industry publications.

Process Cooling magazine — Process Cooling Magazine is the only magazine in the world delivering 16,625 buyers and specifiers of industrial process and equipment cooling products in 10 key industries, including the cryogenic industry.

Specialty Gas Report — Speciality Gas Report is published as a quarterly supplement to CryoGas International. Its expanded reach includes all levels of personnel involved in industrial, specialty, and medical gas production, applications, distribution, equipment, and marketing.