Cryogenic Transfer Hoses

cryogenic transfer hoses

Cryofab offers a number of different types of cryogenic transfer hoses. This particular piece of equipment is an indispensable accessory for the safe and efficient transfer of liquid cryogens, including liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquid oxygen. The product line ranges from the simplest non-jacketed flex line to the vacuum encased system necessary for transferring liquid helium.

The materials of construction make these transfer systems useable in any type of work environment, whether it be a laboratory, industrial site or as an instrumentation accessory. Inside or outside, our cryogenic transfer hoses will perform optimally to deliver liquid cryogens trouble-free.

The key difference between insulated and uninsulated lines is that frost and condensation will appear along the outer cover of an uninsulated line when a transfer is being done.

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Why Buy Cryogenic Transfer Hoses from Cryofab?

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