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Liquid Helium Transfer Hose/Line

CFHT Series

Liquid helium transfer hose connecting two dewars
custom liquid helium lines
truck mounted liquid helium transfer hose

Suitable for Cryogenic Helium, Hydrogen, or Neon

An efficient liquid transfer line is essential when using super-cooled gases that evaporate at a low temperature. To meet these operating requirements, Cryofab helium transfer hose are carefully fabricated using all-welded stainless steel construction and super-insulated to provide the optimum in thermal performance. The inner configuration of all assemblies, whether it be rigid tube or flexible, is stainless steel of minimum wall thickness to reduce cool-down losses and heat leak.

All helium hose assemblies are mass spectrometer leak tested and fully evacuated before shipping to ensure that the unit is ready for immediate use upon receipt.

Cryofab transfer lines are custom built to meet the customer’s specific requirements for configuration, diameter, and length. Special features can be added to enhance the product.

Common applications include MRI and NMR refilling of superconducting magnets, gas distributor trans-fill stations, instrumentation and experimental transfers.

CFHT product specs (PDF)

Helium Transfer Hose Heat Leak (Approximate)

Hose Specifications Heat Leak
Inner Diameter Outer Diameter1 Non-braided Inner Hose M.A.W.P. Braided Inner Hose M.A.W.P. W/M BTU/HR/FT
.25″ 1.5″ 390 PSI 1750 PSI .68 .71
.375″ 1.8″ 159 PSI 1450 PSI .70 .73
.5″ 2.25″ 116 PSI 2000 PSI .98 1.02
.75″ 2.7″ 17 PSI 1400 PSI 1.07 1.11
1.0″ 3.5″ 11 PSI 750 PSI 1.36 1.41

1 Outer jacket enlarges once a certain length is reached

Common Configurations for Helium Transfer Lines

Cryofab’s cryogenic design team can fabricate the hose you need for your application, including flexible u-tubes, extensions, lances, shut-off valves, and adapters.

Click the drawing to download or print, select “Quote” to make an online request for a custom configuration.

Flexible U-Tube Quote
Flexible U-Tube with Right Angle Shut Off Valve Quote
Flexible U-Tube with Globe Shut Off Valve1Quote
liquid helium hose – withdrawal lance
Withdrawal Lance with Right Angle Shut Off Valve Quote
Extension Hose M/M Quote
Fill Lance Quote
Fill/Withdrawal Hose with Bayonet Outlet Quote
Fill/Withdrawal Lance with Globe Shut Off Valve1Quote
Extension Hose M/F Quote
Withdrawal Hose with Right Angle Shut Off Valve Quote
Withdrawal Hose with Globe Shut Off Valve1Quote
Fill Hose with Right Angle Shut Off Valve Quote
Trailer Liquid Hose Quote
Trailer Gas Hose Quote
Cryenco to Linde Bayonet Adapter Quote
Fill/Withdrawal Hose with Tube Outlet Quote
Fill Hose with Globe Shut Off Valve1Quote
GE Stinger Assembly Quote
CP-3 Trailer Hose Uninsulated Quote
CP-3 Trailer Hose Vacuum Insulated Quote

1. Globe valve can be tilted to reduce height.
In most cases terminal fittings or interface feed throughs will limit the working pressure of an assembly to 150PSI or less.

Transfer Hose Accessories

Pump Out Operator 1

Pump Out Operator

liquid helium transfer line seal-off valve
Standard Pump Out
liquid helium transfer line bellows valve evacuation port

Bellows Valve w/KF25

liquid helium transfer line threaded tip

Threaded Tip

cryogenic transfer line extension tube

Extension Tube

Valves for Helium Transfer Lines

liquid helium transfer line tube-size valve

Vacuum Jacketed Shut-off Valve

liquid helium transfer line accessory, valve

Vacuum Jacketed Shut-off Valve

liquid helium transfer line actuated valve

Actuated Valve

liquid helium transfer line accessory right angle valve

Actuated Valve

CFHT Series Bayonet Couplings

liquid helium transfer line bayonet connection
Bayonet Couplings are available as a set or individually as male and female. This option allows for easy disassembly of transfer equipment without the removal of a section from an experiment or storage dewar. Bayonets transform single construction transfer hoses into multiple parts for ease of use and flexibility in tight locations.
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