Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Line/Hose

CFCL Series

suitable for all liquid gasses
liquid-nitrogen-transfer-line-CFCL-S-curve liquid-nitrogen-transfer-line-CFCL

This product is designed for applications that require reduced product evaporation and elimination of frost and condensation during transfers. The combination of vacuum jacket and super insulation make this product the optimal efficient flexible transfer line. Built to customer specifications, the lines can be fabricated to fit a multitude of applications. Inner diameters range from 1/8" to 6" and lengths up to 100’ in one continuous length (consult factory for specific length capabilities). It can be used with ALL liquid cryogens from LNG to liquid helium depending on the end fittings.

“We received the transfer line. I’ve used it, and it is just what I needed. Heck, I should have ordered it years ago. It is so much better than the rubber hose I had been using to do the LN2 transfers. Thanks for making a quality product. I say the same for the 50L dewar we ordered from you last year.”
 Manish Mehta, Oberlin College

A full line up of bayonets, pipe threads, compression and custom end fittings are available. Hose assemblies can also be fabricated full length protective ARMOR casing or cuffs.

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liquid nitrogen hose drawing

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Hose Specifications Inner M.A.W.P.*   Heat Leak @80K
I.D. Inner O.D. Outer Non-braided Braided Minimum
Bend Radius
.250" 1.2" 75 PSI 1785 PSI 3.0" .961 1.00
.375" 1.5" 159 PSI 3712 PSI 5.0" .74 .77
.500" 1.8" 116 PSI 2958 PSI 6.0" .86 .89
.750" 2.2" N/A 883 PSI 7.0 1.38 1.44
1.00" 2.7" N/A 703 PSI 12.0" 1.33 1.38
1.25" 3.5" N/A 630 PSI 18.0" 1.60 1.38
1.50" 4.0" N/A 516 PSI 18.0" 2.14 2.23
2.00" 5.0" N/A 434 PSI 24.0" 1.50 1.56

* Pressure ratings based on hose material, end fitting choice may lower M.A.W.P. rating

CFCL specifications (PDF)

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