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Liquid Hydrogen Containers and Accessories

liquid hydrogen tank

CLH Series Liquid Hydrogen Dewar

This portable liquid hydrogen dewar is intended for safe, low-pressure transport and storage. It features specially-designed transfer equipment, dependable relief/safety system, and the lowest possible heat leak without a secondary cryogen.

custom cryogenic lines

CFHT Series Cryogenic Transfer Hose/Line

Cryogenic hose with optimum thermal efficiency for helium, hydrogen, or neon. These super-insulated, stainless-steel hose are ideal for MRI/NMR refill, superconducting magnets, trans-fill, instrumentation, and experimental transfer.

cryogenic transfer hose

CFCL Series Cryogenic Hose

The combination of a vacuum jacket and super insulation makes this the optimal efficient flexible transfer hose for any liquid cryogen. Built to customer specifications, the lines can be fabricated to fit a multitude of applications.


Accessories for Liquid Hydrogen Products

cryogenic piping system valve

Cryogenic Valves with Precision Flow Rate

These enhanced performance 1/2″ cryogenic valves made to specific flow functions for an ideal cryogenic system function. The “Needle and Seat” trim option allows a control range of Cv=0.500 down to 0.0003.

liquid hydrogen manifold valve

Cryogenic Custom Manifolds

Expertly designed and fabricated cryogenic manifold valves. Made in pipe sizes from 1/2″ to 3.0″ with optional accessories to enhance performance. For liquid gases including nitrogen, argon, oxygen, hydrogen, and helium.

cryogenic bayonet assembly b3000

B3000 Series Cryogenic Bayonet Connections

A quick, highly-efficient connection for vacuum-jacketed transfer hose and vacuum-insulated piping systems. Sizes range from 1/2″ tube to 1″ pipe. Designed with a close fit between components for low heat leak. It will operate in the vertical or horizontal position.

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