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Liquid Hydrogen Storage

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Liquid Hydrogen Storage and Transfer Systems

Cryofab offers expertly engineered systems for the storage and transfer of liquid hydrogen. With CLH dewar/tanks, liquid hydrogen can now be transported from large tanker trucks into the lab. Safe and efficient, the dewars come standard with a reliable relief system and a convenient fill/withdrawal apparatus.
Our CFHT & CFCL transfer hoses feature the optimum thermal efficiency for liquid hydrogen systems. All our lines are custom-built to customer specifications.

liquid hydrogen tank

CLH Series Liquid Hydrogen Dewar

This portable liquid hydrogen dewar is intended for safe transport and storage. It features specially-designed transfer equipment, dependable relief/safety system, and the lowest possible heat leak without a secondary cryogen.

custom cryogenic transfer lines with actuated valves

CFHT Series Cryogenic Transfer Hose/Line

Cryogenic hose with optimum thermal efficiency for helium, hydrogen, or neon. These super-insulated, stainless-steel hose are ideal for MRI/NMR refill, superconducting magnets, trans-fill, instrumentation, and experimental transfer.

cryogenic transfer hose

CFCL Series Cryogenic Hose

The combination of a vacuum jacket and super insulation makes this the optimal efficient flexible transfer hose for any liquid cryogen. Built to customer specifications, the lines can be fabricated to fit a multitude of applications.


Liquid Hydrogen Systems Valves and Bayonet Connections

Our cryogenic valves are ideal for liquid hydrogen systems. We can manufacture a simple manual valve, or pneumatic or solenoid actuated valves for automated functions. Choose from 3 body styles and multiple connection types for the perfect fit. Vacuum-jacketed bayonets give you the option to connect and disconnect hydrogen systems while protecting the vacuum space and minimizing heat loss.

cryogenic piping system valve

Liquid Hydrogen Valves

Cryocomp’s low heat-loss vacuum-jacketed valves are ideal for cryogenic hydrogen systems and transport. Valves can range from ½” to 2” pipe and can be built with convenient features like pneumatic or solenoid actuation.

liquid hydrogen manifold valve

Cryogenic Custom Manifolds

Expertly designed and fabricated cryogenic manifold valves. Made in pipe sizes from 1/2″ to 3.0″ with optional accessories to enhance performance. For liquid gases including nitrogen, argon, oxygen, hydrogen, and helium.

cryogenic bayonet assembly b3000

B3000 Series Cryogenic Bayonet Connections

A quick, highly-efficient connection for vacuum-jacketed transfer hose and vacuum-insulated piping systems. Sizes range from 1/2″ tube to 1″ pipe. Designed with a close fit between components for low heat leak. It will operate in the vertical or horizontal position.

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