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Flowmeters and Flow-Locks

For In-home Oxygen Systems

Cryofab, Inc. has flowmeters and flow locks for in-home liquid oxygen systems. We offer parts and accessories from major brands like Penox and Pulsair/Devilbiss. See below for descriptions and part numbers. If you don’t see the part you need please contact the factory, we may have it or be able to source it for you.

To order, email alex@cryofab.com or call 800.426.2186

flowmeters and flowlocks for in home oxygen systems

All parts cleaned for oxygen safety

Key Manufacturer MFG. P/N Description Cryofab P/N
1 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9301-C *0-6 LPM Flow-Lock, Quick Connect 9301-C
2 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9301-D *0-6 LPM Flow-Lock, DISS 9301-D
3 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9302-C *0-15 LPM Flow-Lock, Quick Connect 9302-C
4 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9302-D *0-15 LPM Flow-Lock, DISS 9302-D
5 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9011 Quick Connect 9011
6 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9012 Male Quick Connect 9012
7 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 1094 1/4NPT Demand Check Valve, DISS 1094
8 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 1115 1/8NPT Demand Check Valve DISS 1115
9 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 1095 1/8NPT Female DISS 1095
10 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 1/2-3 LPM Flow Meter, DISS 9084-D
11 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9080-D 1/8-3 LPM Flow Meter, DISS 9080-D
12 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9083-D 0-8 LPM Flow Meter, DISS 9083-D
13 PULSAIR/DEVILBISS 9083-C 0-8 LPM Flow Meter, Quick Connect 9083-C
14 PENOX AZ-3009-CA Quick Connect 9011
15 PENOX AZ-2005-AA 0-8 LPM Flow Meter, Quick Connect 9083-C

* Flow-Lock


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