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Level Gauges

For In-home Oxygen Systems

Cryofab, Inc. offers parts and accessories for major brands of liquid oxygen level gauges for home care systems. See below for descriptions and part numbers. If you have any questions please contact the factory.

To order, email alex@cryofab.com or call 800.426.2186

oxygen level gauges for home care oxygen systems

All parts cleaned for oxygen safety

Key Manufacturer MFG. P/N Description
1 PB 775011 Companion Portable
2 PB 775845 Companion 21 Base
3 PB 775846 Companion 31 Base
4 PB 775847 Companion 41 Base
5 CAIRE 10855985 Base and Portable
6 PULSAIR 9008 Grandair/Stationair 40 Lt
7 PULSAIR 9007 Stationair 25 and 30
8 PULSAIR 9259 Weekendair and Stationair 15
9 PENOX AB-3002-BA 40 Lt Base
10 PENOX AD-3002-AA 55 Lt Base
11 PENOX AA-3002-BA 28 Lt Base
12 PENOX AC-3002-BA 18 Lt Base
13 PENOX BA-2001-BA #1 Portable Scale
14 PENOX BB-2001-BA #2 Portable Scale
15 PENOX BC-2001-BA #3 Portable Scale
16 CAIRE 109857780 1 Lt Portable
17 PULSAIR 109857780 1 Lt Portable
18 PULSAIR 1047110-003 OMS I and Wanderair
19 PULSAIR 1047110-004 OMS II and Travelair
20 PULSAIR 1096017-991 DeVilbiss and Pulsair .5 Lt

*Magnehelic® Gauge is a registered trademark of Dwyer Instruments.


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Cryofab, Inc. is the only full-service organization for all makes and models of In-Home Liquid Oxygen Respiratory Systems. We are unique in that we are also a cryogenic equipment manufacturer. By combining our expertise in these fields we offer, by far, the greatest product knowledge and experience in the cryogenic aspect of the Homecare industry.

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