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Posi-Lok Cryogenic Coupling Systems

For In-home Oxygen Systems

Cryofab, the cryogenic experts, make reliable parts for liquid oxygen systems. The Posi-lok system is designed specifically for safe, secure connections for home care oxygen. Descriptions and part numbers are below. If you have any questions please contact the factory.

To order, email alex@cryofab.com or call 800.426.2186

Posi-Lok couplers for liquid oxygen systems
Posi-Lok Coupling Systems for in home liquid oxygen

All parts cleaned for oxygen safety

Key Manufacturer Description Cryofab P/N
1 CRYOFAB PB Female Coupler 6PBFP
3 CRYOFAB Penox Female Coupler 2PXFP
4 CRYOFAB Linde/UCC Male Coupler 7LM
5 CRYOFAB Pulsair/Cryo2/DeVilbiss Male Coupler 4PM
6 CRYOFAB Single Fill Adapter With Relief Valve FHA-1RV
7 CRYOFAB Double Fill Adapter System FHA-2
8 CRYOFAB Triple Fill Adapter System FHA-3
9 CRYOFAB Fill Adapter With Shut Off Valve PCU
10 CRYOFAB Posi-Lok Swivel Fill Assembly SFHA
11 CRYOFAB Swivel Assembly S45
12 CRYOFAB Swivel Repair Kit SRK
13 CRYOFAB Fill Assembly Repair Kit SFARK
14 CRYOFAB 5/8 Female Coupling FC58
15 CRYOFAB 5/8 Male Connector M58
16 CRYOFAB Poppet (Caire/Penox/Pulsair) CP9289
17 CRYOFAB PB Poppet CP9971
18 CRYOFAB Posi-Lok Seal PLS
19 CRYOFAB Lip Seal CS9129
20 CRYOFAB Penox PB Male Tip Posi-Lok PXPBPL
21 CRYOFAB Inspiron Male Tip Posi-Lok INSPPL
22 CRYOFAB Caire Portable Male Tip Posi-Lok CAPPL
23 CRYOFAB Caire Posi-Lok Hex CAHEX

Liquid Oxygen Parts: If you need it, we’ll find it!

Cryofab, Inc. is the only full-service organization for all makes and models of In-Home Liquid Oxygen Respiratory Systems. We are unique in that we are also a cryogenic equipment manufacturer. By combining our expertise in these fields we offer, by far, the greatest product knowledge and experience in the cryogenic aspect of the Homecare industry.

Cryofab stocks more fittings than we can list. Please call us with your requirements at 1-800-426-2186.

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