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Cryogenic Transportation Tanks & Storage Dewars

CLD/CHD Series

cryogenic transport truck mounted
Our cryogenic transportation tanks and storage dewars deliver quality as well as liquid cryogens such as liquid nitrogen, liquid natural gas, liquid argon, or liquid oxygen.

Ideal for Cryogenic Transportation

All CLD/CHD dewars exhibit a well-thought-out design that is user-friendly and easy to service. The tanks are designed to fit into enclosed vehicles and open-bed trucks with room left over. A heavy-duty, thermally efficient interior support system makes this product ideal for over-the-road deliveries. With these tanks, you can transport liquids gases over long distances without worrying about lost product or structural failure.

Designed for Convenient Dispensing

It’s the features that set us apart from our competitors. CLD/CHD tanks have user-friendly plumbing for easy operation and maintenance including a common vent stack for simple pipe-away connections. This makes dispensing liquid gases more efficient and convenient.

Our attention to welds, polished finish, tubing bends, connections, and overall workmanship, is unmatched.

Fabricated for Secure Transport and Easy Operation

  • The lowest guaranteed loss rates available
  • Enhanced suspension system for extended service life
  • User friendly plumbing for operation and maintenance
  • Common vent stack for simple pipe-away connections
  • A mounting scheme that is quick and easy
  • Structural dimensions that fit easily into enclosed vans
  • Liquid level gauge that reads in liters and pounds
  • Piping components that can be replaced without solder joints
  • Designed and manufactured to DOT 4L specifications
  • Stainless steel front head for welding integrity and cosmetic improvement
  • Regulator on the pressure builder for liquid savings and unattended operation

Select a capacity (liters) to see PDF specifications:

CLD 300|CLD 425|CHD 425

Many Different Configurations Available

See below for some of the available options.
Custom Work Is Our Specialty

More Information

Customize It

If you need it we can make it. Contact us to add any of these options to a standard CLD/CHD dewar tank or to work with our experts to design the perfect container for your needs. Large- and small-run manufacturing services are available.

Call 1.800.426.2186 or fill out our online request form to start designing the perfect tank for your application.


Available Options Include

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