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Flow Controls and Flow Knobs

For In-home Oxygen Systems

Cryofab, Inc. has replacement flow controls, flow control knobs, and plates to repair in-home liquid oxygen respiratory systems. See below for descriptions and part numbers. If you have any questions please contact the factory.

To order, email alex@cryofab.com or call 800.426.2186

lox home care parts, flow controls

All parts cleaned for oxygen safety

Key Manufacturer MFG. P/N Description Cryofab P/N
1 PB 775855 0-6 LPM Comp 41,21,21 Base CRFCV
2 PB 775859 0-6 LPM C-1000 Portable C1FCV
3 PB 775889 0-15 LPM Companion High Flow CTFCV
4 PB 776525 0-6 LPM Mark 5 Portable M5FCV
5 PB 777918 0-6 LPM Mark 6 Portable M6FCV
6 CAIRE 10665444 0-6 LPM Gen III Portable CF322072
7 CAIRE 10480511 0-6 LPM Gen III Base CF323072
8 PENOX BZ-3001-DA 0-6 LPM #1,2,3 Portable 36P073
9 PULSAIR 9305 0-6 LPM Travelair 1, Pulsair OMS I and II, Pulsair .5 Portables 9305
10 PULSAIR 9306 0-15 LPM Travelair 1 and DeVilbiss 1 Lt Portable 9306
11 PULSAIR TA-015 0-6 LPM DeVilbiss .5 and 1 Lt Portable TA-015
12 PULSAIR 9066 0-2 Low Flow PED Travelair I 9066
knobs and decals for home care oxygen systems

All parts cleaned for oxygen safety

Key Manufacturer MFG. P/N Description Cryofab P/N
1 PB 776168 Gray Knob 01CK
2 PB 775877 Gray Plate 02CLP
3 PB 775834 Decal for Gray Knob 03MD
4 PENOX BF-3191-AA Black Knob PXBK
5 PENOX BZ-3107-AA Black Plate PXPB
6 PENOX AG-3478-AA Decal PXD
7 PULSAIR 9307 Knob Kit 9307

Liquid Oxygen Parts: If you need it, we’ll find it!

Cryofab, Inc. is the only full-service organization for all makes and models of In-Home Liquid Oxygen Respiratory Systems. We are unique in that we are also a cryogenic equipment manufacturer. By combining our expertise in these fields we offer, by far, the greatest product knowledge and experience in the cryogenic aspect of the Homecare industry.

Cryofab stocks more fittings than we can list. Please call us with your requirements at 1-800-426-2186.

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