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Cryogenic Dewar Flasks

CF Series

cryogenic dewar flasks in all sizes

One word can be used to describe this product line… “flexible.” These dewar containers can fulfill many different applications.

Historically, dewar flasks have been a lab tool. Today these containers have found their way into the outer reaches of industry and many other technology sectors. Old-fashioned quality coupled with the latest techniques in thermal efficiency are Cryofab’s claim for each dewar flask manufactured.

Listed here are the many standard sizes of dewar flasks to choose from (PDF). This does not begin to scratch the surface as to the many different configurations that have been fabricated for these dewars over the years.

Dewar Flask/Container Features

  • Double-walled, stainless-steel construction
  • Multilayer insulation in the vacuum annulus
  • All welded construction
  • Sizes from 4.5″ to 96″ internal diameter
  • Depths to 20 feet
  • Applications include research, industrial and all technology sectors
  • One-year warranty on vacuum
  • Many custom options

Click here to see available sizes & specifications (pdf)

Many Different Configurations Available

We Can Fabricate Larger Capacities to Customer Specifications

See the Customize it below for some of the available options.

Custom Work Is Our Specialty

About Custom Dewar Flasks/Containers

Dewar Container Options

If you need it we can make it. Contact us to add any of these options to a standard CF dewar flask, or to work with our experts to design the perfect container for your needs. Large and small run manufacturing also available.

Call 1.800.426.2186 or fill out our online request form to start designing perfect tank for your application.


Available Optional Accessories for CF Series

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