Cryogenic Parts

This is a collection of cryogenic parts — odds and ends that make life easier in the cryogenic community. Some are a necessity while others a luxury. Regretfully, there are too many to picture here.

We can, however, list them:

  • Vacuum insulated flex hoses, any length, etc.
  • Uninsulated stainless steel flex hoses, any length with an assortment of end fittings to meet your needs
  • Foam insulated flex hoses, any length with an assortment of end fittings to meet your needs
  • Cryogenic solenoids
  • Relief assembly for solenoid attachment
  • Cryogenic valves short and long stem type
  • Phase separators 1/2" O.D., 1" and 1 3/8" O.D.
  • Liquid level controllers, thermistor and differential pressure type
  • Flutter tubes for LHe level detection
  • Pump out and relief assemblies 1" and 1/2"
  • Pump out operators 1" and 1/2"
  • Complete line of parts for Liquid Helium Containers and Liquid Nitrogen containers
  • Bayonet assemblies, Linde style and Cryolab for LHe service
  • Custom made fill assemblies for LN2,"T" and "U" pattern
Cryogenic Parts - Cryogenic System Accessories

These cryogenic accessories and others can be custom designed to fit your application requirements:

  • Phase Separators
  • Vacuum Insulated Flexible Hose
  • Keep-Full Devices
  • Liquid Level Controllers
  • Cold Traps
  • Dewar Flasks - see our “commonly asked questions” for customizing tips.
  • Cryogenic Subcoolers
  • Portable Containers
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