New Website:

Cryofab Announces Easy Online Shopping for Cryogenic Parts

Kenilworth, New Jersey,

Cryofab, Inc. a leading cryogenic equipment manufacturer, is pleased to announce, a new way to purchase cryoparts and cryogenic accessories.

The new website allows customers throughout the United States and Canada to purchase Cryofab cryo parts direct from the manufacturer for:

  • CMSH Series liquid helium containers,
  • CL/CLPB series, or CH series dewars for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen or liquid argon,
  • CHD series large volume cryogenic liquid storage tanks.

Cryo Parts available on line include access port assemblies, valves, quick couplings, relief devices, fittings and other cryogenic parts. Replacement level gauges, pressure gauges and rupture discs can also be sourced.

For CL/CLPB, CH or CHD series cryogenic systems equipment, sells replacement parts and accessories for maintenance and repair of cryogenic storage and transport vessels. Schematics and diagrams are included to help you identify and purchase the correct replacement parts for your Cryofab cryotanks.

CMSH series access port parts, piping parts, differential gauges, and callibration chart decals.
CMSH Series complete containers
CL/CLPB or CH Series parts
CL/CLPB Series CL/CLPB Series complete vessels, CH Series complete vessels
CLD/CHD Series parts
CLD/CHD Series complete tanks