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Jan 28

Japan Tests Superconducting Power Transmission | What’s New in Nitrobrews | Cryopreservation of Hawaii’s Plant Life

cryogenic news

Japan’s next-gen electricity cable promises zero transmission loss

Japan is testing superconducting power transmission, hoping it will be a cheaper and more efficient electrical source for trains. To lower costs, The Railway Technical Institute used a material that is superconducting at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, rather than superconductors that require the lower temperature of liquid helium. There is some cost to keeping the lines cold, but that can be offset by superconduction’s efficency if the power lines can run for 1 km or more. The test line will be 1.5 km long, carry 1,500 volts, and several hundred amperes. (may have paywall) Read more via NikkeiAsia

What’s new in brewing?

Liquid nitrogen doser systems “nitrogenate” beverages by introducing nitrogen instead of or along side carbon dioxide. The market for this equipment has grown despite some pandemic-related setbacks. Charley Kleinrichert of AC Beverage says, “Sales of nitro beers, such as Guinness and Left Hand, have been gaining market share for a while. In the past few years, we have seen demand grow for nitro cold brew coffee. Now, the nitro cold brew category is expanding to include teas and cocktails.” Richard Rosik of Chart Industries notes that demand for nitrogen processing will grow as more US states legalize cannabis, because LN2 dosing can be used to extend the shelf life of those products. Read more via Gasworld

cryogenic news - cryopreservation

How To Keep Hawaii’s Rarest Plants From Disappearing? Freeze Them

In Hawaii, the “endagered species capital of the world,” the Mircropropagation Laboratory will store samples of plants in liquid nitrogen tanks. The lab is currently exprimenting with preparation and freezeing techniques to eliminate the ice crystals that damage the plant on thawing. The best technique varies from species to species. After the cryopreservation treatment as many as 60,000 samples will be stored on racks in two tanks at -196° Celsius. Read more via Honolulu Civic Beat

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