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Mar 31

Cryofab and its subsidiary, Cryocomp, will be at five industry trade shows this year.

Valve World

The first is Valve World, June 7—8 in Houston, Texas. Valve world will have sessions on important industry topics, including valve technology for cryogenic applications. Cryofab will be at Booth 1345.

Hydrogen Expo

We will be at the Hydrogen Technology Expo North America, hosted by the Energy Industries Council. The expo is also in Huston, from June 28-29. “Hydrogen Technology Expo North America is a solutions-driven trade fair and conference dedicated to the development of new technologies”

Cryogenic Engineering Conference

The Cryogenic Engineering Conference will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from the 19th through the 23rd of July. The program will include developments in all areas of cryogenics, including superconductivity, cryocoolers, transportation, medical, cryogenic materials, and other applications. More information is to come at the CEC/ICMC website.

Gastech Exhibition and Conference

In September, we will attend the Gastech Expo in Singapore. This large expo will feature innovations in natural gas and LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon gases, and climate technology. The expo runs from September 5th through the 8th.

Helium Super Summit

At the end of October, we will be at Gasworld’s Super Helium Summit, in Huston.

We hope to see you at an expo this year.

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