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Aug 24

Cryofab will be exhibiting at Gastech 2023 in Singapore from September 5–8. This event will bring together the hydrogen, natural gas, and LNG industries, and showcase additional low-carbon energy technologies. The organizers expect 40,000 attendees from over 100 countries. Cryofab will bring its expertly-engineered cryogenic equipment.

Superior Liquid Hydrogen Storage and Transfer Systems

Cryofab offers systems ideal for the storage and transfer of liquid hydrogen. With CLH dewar/tanks, liquid hydrogen can be safely and efficiently transported from large tanker trucks into the lab. The liquid hydrogen dewars come standard with a reliable relief system and a convenient fill/withdrawal apparatus. Our CFHT & CFCL transfer hoses feature the optimum thermal efficiency for liquid hydrogen systems. All our lines are custom-built to customer specifications.

Our cryogenic valves are ideal for liquid hydrogen systems. We can manufacture a simple manual valve, or pneumatic or solenoid actuated valves for automated functions. Choose from 3 body styles and multiple connection types for the perfect fit. Vacuum-jacketed bayonets give you the option to connect and disconnect hydrogen systems while protecting the vacuum space and minimizing heat loss.

Cryogenic Equipment for all Liquid Gases

Cryofab makes dewars, tanks, hoses, piping, and valves for all cryogens. We are experts at adapting our extensive line of standard equipment to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Stop by our stand A208 and ask us how our cryogenic solutions can fit into your industry.

About Cryofab

Cryofab, Inc. is a key vendor in the global cryogenic equipment marketplace. We manufacture and service cryogenic storage and accessories, offering custom as well as standard fabrications to customers world-wide. We offer a wide range of cryogenic containers: tanks, dewars, vessels, as well as hoses, and valves of all sizes allowing for the safe storage and transportation of all cryogenic gases. Our cryogenic dewars are capable of storing and transporting liquid helium, liquid argon, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, and liquid natural gas or LNG. Cryofab offers ASME, DOT, TPED, PED and ADR products. Our in-house cryogenic engineering experts can assist with product development of OEM or private label fabrication of cryogenic tanks, whether it be prototype or productions runs, for industrial, laboratory, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, superconductivity, semiconductor, or even homecare applications. Our Cryogenics equipment technicians are also available to repair your cryogenic storage tanks, hoses, & valves.

Founded in 1971, Cryofab has grown solely on the merits of its innovative cryogenic products, solutions, and superior service.

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