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Jul 11

What a thrill for the Cryofab, Inc. team to see our customized 3500-liter liquid helium dewar in place at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Design Challenge

When first presented with the challenge of designing a dewar that could accommodate special instrumentation and a walk-around platform, we knew that it “could” be done, but the challenge was “how” to design and manufacture the dewar efficiently and effectively.

Methodical and Strategic Approach

This is where my brother and business partner Greg Grillo excels. I have great respect for Greg’s methodical and strategic approach to design and engineering and his ability to overcome complex and unique cryogenic challenges. Some of the brightest minds in the industry use Cryofab as a resource because of Greg’s experience and ability.

Thank you Brookhaven National Laboratory for your generous hospitality during our visit and your continued confidence in Cryofab. Thank you to Greg Grillo for doing what he does, which makes doing what I do possible.

About Cryofab

Cryofab, Inc. is a key vendor in the global cryogenic equipment marketplace. We manufacture and service cryogenic storage and accessories, offering custom as well as standard fabrications to customers world-wide. We offer a wide range of cryogenic containers: tanks, dewars, vessels, as well as hoses, and valves of all sizes allowing for the safe storage and transportation of all cryogenic gases. Our cryogenic dewars are capable of storing and transporting liquid helium, liquid argon, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, and liquid natural gas or LNG. Cryofab offers ASME, DOT, TPED, PED and ADR products. Our in-house cryogenic engineering experts can assist with product development of OEM or private label fabrication of cryogenic tanks, whether it be prototype or productions runs, for industrial, laboratory, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, superconductivity, semiconductor, or even homecare applications. Our Cryogenics equipment technicians are also available to repair your cryogenic storage tanks, hoses, & valves.

Founded in 1971, Cryofab has grown solely on the merits of its innovative cryogenic products, solutions, and superior service.

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