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Apr 23

Cryogenic Coffee | What is Superconductivity? | Air Force Cryogenic Technician

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Researchers develop cryogenic coffee grinding technology

Beer lovers have cryohops, now coffee lovers can have cryoground. Beans ground at ultralow temperatures retain the natural oils and grind more evenly. The result is a fresher, more fragrant coffee with a “slight sweetness.” The Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology launched a pilot retail project based on Thermal Motor’s efficient cryogenic cooling system. Read more via Phys.org

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What is superconductivity?

Practical uses for superconductors are limited by the extremely low temperatures required. Conventional superconductors, which conduct electricity losslessly at the temperature of liquid helium, are well understood. More recently discovered copper-oxide materials become superconductors at the relatively warm temperature of liquid nitrogen, but just how that happens is not clearly understood by physicists. This article from New Scientist explains superconduction’s history, the unanswered questions, and potential for energy efficiency. Read more via New Scientist

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Photo: Air Force Cyrogenics Technician Purges LOX

In a white fog and safety gear, Senior Airman Rehana purges liquid oxygen from a cart used to service aircraft. He is part of the 380th Expeditionary Logisitcs Readiness Squadron, which supplies over 4,000 gallons of liquid oxygen per month. Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Miranda A. Loera. Read more via U.S. Air Force

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Custom Cryogenic Dewar Flasks/Containers

What is dewar? How are they used in cryogenics? How can they be customized for applications in research, biopreservation, food processing, medical, military, and aerospace? Cryofab’s experts answer these questions.

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