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Apr 09


Is nuclear fusion the answer?

Could generating energy by nuclear fusion be a mere 5 or 10 years away? High-temperature superconducting magnets that use liquid nitrogen, rather than the much colder and rarer liquid helium, is one of the technologies making this possible. “I think it’s not going too far to say that fusion is having its Kitty Hawk moment,” said Martin Greenwald of Commonwealth Fusion Systems, “We don’t have a 747 jet, but we’re flying.” Read more via The Week

cryogenic news - superconductors

Airbus aims for a breakthrough in electric aircraft with ASCEND; cryogenics and superconductivity

The Airbus ASCEND project’s goal is to prove that with cryogenic and superconducting technologies, electric aircraft propulsion systems can weigh less without sacrificing efficiency. ASCEND stands for Advanced Superconducting and Cryogenic Experimental powertraiN Demonstrator. On board liquid hydrogen could be used to cool the superconducting distribution system and the superconducting motor unit. Airbus is also testing liquid hydrogen as a replacement in internal combustion engines. Read more via Green Car Congress

cryogenic news - liquid nitrogen

Peeps: The “indestructible” Easter treat that will outlast us all

Peeps can survive an autoclave, don’t melt in common solvents, and will expand to fill a vacuum. A 1999 study from Emory University concluded that the sugary little chicks are pretty tough. Included in the study was a dunk in a bucket of liquid nitrogen. After cryogenic freezing, the peep was finally broken with a hammer. Read more via WTRF

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Custom Cryogenic Dewar Flasks/Containers

What is dewar? How are they used in cryogenics? How can they be customized for applications in research, biopreservation, food processing, medical, military, and aerospace? Cryofab’s experts answer these questions.

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