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Aug 06

What is a Superconductor? | Flying Quantum Bits | Ford Invented the SQUID | Hydrogen vs. Electric Cars | Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage

cryogenic news - Superconductors

What is a superconductor?

Astrophysicist Paul Sutter wrote an article explaining superconductors for the Live Science website. The article describes a superconductor as a material that can conduct electricity virtually forever, when conditions are right. Those conditions usually involve extreme cold and require liquid helium to keep the superconductor cold. Some materials have superconducting properties at the higher temperature of liquid nitrogen. Researchers are working to find a material that can conduct electricity without resistance at ambient temperatures and pressure. Read more via Live Science

cryogenic news - Physics

A launchpad for flying quantum bits

“We’re developing tools to grab single quantum particles and control them. It‘s very exciting work,” says experimental physicist Johannes Pollanen. Pollanen is associate director of MSU-Q, a multi-disciplinary group working on quantum computing. Electrons are floated above a thin layer of liquid helium. The floating electrons are controlled with an electric signal. Read more via Michigan State University Today

cryogenic news - Superconductors


Superconducting quantum interference devices “SQUIDs” are used to detect weak magnetic fields. Some SQUIDS operate at the temperature of liquid helium, others work at the “warmer” temperature of liquid nitrogen. In the 1960s researchers at Ford Motor company followed an accidental discovery and created a device that could detect and measure tiny magnetic fields. Today the technology has medical, geophysical, archeological, and industrial applications. Read more via IEEE Spectrum

Hydrogen cars vs electric cars, which is better?

Hydrogen cars can refuel in 5 minutes, electric cars take more than half an hour. Advantage hydrogen? Not so fast—electric cars can be recharged at home, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles must refuel at a hydrogen fueling station. Advantage electric? This article decides electric has the advantage currently, but “We’ll see if hydrogen has the last word” Read more via CVBJ

cryogenic news - Superconductors

Fundamentals of superconducting magnetic energy storage systems

Superconducting Magnetic Energy Systems (SMES) are extremely efficient at storing energy. To maintain the superconducting qualities of the internal coil, it must be kept at an extremely low temperature. This requires liquid helium in a cryogenic system that is specially designed to limit heat loss. Read more via Electronics 360

superconducting magnet dewars


Superconducting Magnet Dewars

Our CSM/CVSM Dewars are designed specifically to facilitate superconducting magnet research. The same advanced engineering apparent in Cryofab’s other product lines is applied in the design and construction of the magnet dewars. Our superconducting magnet dewars are fabricated entirely of stainless steel and will accommodate coils of all generally available magnets.

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