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Dec 17

Scanning Pumpkins | Converting Freezing Lines to Liquid Nitrogen | Carbon-free Flights | Green Hydrogen | GenH2 Joins CSA

cryogenic news - MRI

The world’s most powerful MRI scanner has produced its first images, which show the innards of a pumpkin

The superconducting magnet inside this cutting edge MRI weights 45 tons. It requires thousands of liters of liquid helium to keep it cold enough to conduct electricity without resistance. It’s magnetic flux density is 11.7 Tesla, a typical MRI’s Tesla is 3. This will allow the new MRI machine, named Iseult, to take extremely detailed images. Early detection of diseases like Parkinsons will be possible. Iseult is going through final tests and adjustments before it is ready to image humans. So in the meantime, we have images of a pumpkin. Read more via Tech Story

cryogenic news - liquid nitrogen

Messer Converts Chilling and Freezing Lines to Liquid Nitrogen, Improves Cryogen Supply

Messer Americas is helping food processors switch to liquid nitrogen for chilling and freezing so they can work around CO2 supply chain problems. Messer’s liquid nitrogen-based cryogenic solutions will be on display at the International Production & Processing Expo in 2022. They will demo their liquid nitrogen based products: a wave infringement freezer, a bottom injection chilling system, and a cross-flow tunnel freezer. Read more via PR NewsWire

cryogenic news - liquid hydrogen fuel

FlyZero concept promises carbon-free flights

A new concept hydrogen fueled airplane could fly international passengers at the speed and compfort they are used to with conventional carbon-emitting aircraft. A cryogenic fuel system will feed hydrogen gas turbines using fuel stored in cryogenic tanks in fuselage, not in the wings. The main hydrogen storage will be in the back of the plane, with smaller tanks in the front, for balance. Read more via The Engineer

cryogenic news - liquid hydrogen fuel

How Green Is Hydrogen Fuel?

While hydrogen fuel concept aircraft show promise in reducing carbon emissions, hydrogen itself is sometimes made using carbon-intensive methods. Hydrogen made by electrolysis, with electricity from a sustainable source like wind or solar, is called ”green hydrogen.” Companies are building the necessary infrastructure to create green hydrogen, but questions remain about the quantity needed and the cost of production. “Developing the ecosystem and surrounding infrastructure to support wide-scale use of liquid hydrogen as an aviation fuel is a gigantic hurdle that experts point to as key to success.” —Flying Magazine Read more via

cryogenic news

GenH2 Honored with Membership in Cryogenic Society of America

GenH2 is a Florida-based company with expertise in the hydrogen infrastructure industry that is focused on building equipment required to transition to a clean energy economy. The firm recently joined the Cryogenic Society of America as a sustaining member. The CSA is a non-profit trade organization for the cryogenics industry. Read more via PR NewsWire

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