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Jul 16

Liquid Nitrogen Demo at Science Camp | Cold Chain Ensures Vaccine Integrity | QTC Celebrates 40th Anniversary

cryogenic news - liquid nitrogen

Science Camp Fun

At science camp in Minnesota, students watched as teachers Jerry Wenzel and Jeff Opelia dunked common objects in liquid nitrogen. The balloon shriveled in the cold liquid, the bouncing ball broke apart when it hit the floor, a rose shattered like glass, and a banana was as hard as a hammer. You can see pictures of the students having fun with cryogenic science. Read more via The Morris Community Record

cryogenic news - vaccine supply chain

Mastering frozen vaccine integrity and operator safety from the warehouse to the hatchery

Liquid nitrogen is key in delivering frozen vaccines to hatcheries. The extremely low-temperature cryogenic storage preserves live cells. LINILOG is a global logistics service focused on “cold chain” supply chains. LINILOG implements procedures to promote the safe delivery of frozen vaccines, like “Dewar Follow Up” from warehouse to delivery. Read more via The Poultry Site

cryogenic news - helium

Canadian Helium Industry-Leader Celebrates 40 Years

Quantum Technology Corporation is a worldwide leader in helium liquefaction. This year, QTC celebrates 40 years in business. It produces helium plants that support the party-balloon market with balloon grade helium gas, the scientific community with liquid helium for low-temperature research, and supply the industrial and medical markets with LHe for MRI and other technologies. If you look closely at the picture, you will notice a Cryofab CMSH liquid helium dewar.     Read more via EIN Presswire

liquid helium transfer lines with actuated valves


Liquid Helium Transfer Hose/Lines

The ultimate in efficient transfer of liquid helium, neon or hydrogen. Multiple configurations available.

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