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Jun 11

Daimler TEsts Hydrogen Truck | Drinking with Bill Nye | Utilities and Hydrogen | “Argonaut” Robot

cryogenic news - hydrogen fuel

Daimler Trucks tests hydrogen-powered truck

Imagine a truck that hauls 40 metric tons, goes 1,000 km without refueling, and is locally carbon-neutral. This is the ambitious goal Daimler Trucks has set. It will be testing its GenH2 trucks on public roads this year. For now, the hydrogen-powered fuel-cell drive will use gaseous hydrogen. Their engineers are developing a fuel tank for liquid hydrogen because liquid hydrogen has more energy by volume. Read more via Automotive Testing Technology International

cryogenic news - liquid nitrogen gastronomy

Drinking Bombay Sapphire With Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy likes liquid nitrogen. He relates that one of his first shows featured household uses for liquid nitrogen “because we all have liquid nitrogen lying around.” He is open to the idea of molecular gastronomy and he also appreciates fancy Japanese food and a really good martini. Read more via Forbes

cryogenic news - hydrogen fuel

It’s Time For Utilities to Learn to Love Hydrogen

In the future, Hydrogen could be used to store electricity produced by solar or wind power facilities and distribute that energy where and when it is needed. There is potential to use methods of transport already developed such as pipelines and trucks to get the hydrogen where power is need. This is likely to result in changes in the electricity industry, particularly in distribution. There appears to be little consensus about the future of hydrogen among countries planning their infrastructure, so industry commitment would be key to adding hydrogen to future power grids. Read more via IEEE Spectrum

cryogenic news - physics

Argonaut Ultracold Robotics Project: Voyaging Into a Sea of Liquid Argon

None of today’s robots can operate at cryogenic temperatures. A team at the Fermi National Accelerator wants to build one so they can monitor the super-cold liquid argon inside their neutrino detector. The robot must have a movable camera, must not contaminate the liquid argon, and must not break down in extreme cold. The new project, named Argonaut, is funded by the Laboratory Directed Research and Development program. Engineers and scientists will first attempt to prove that it is possible for a robot to move around a cryogenic environment and communicate with researchers. Read more via SciTech Daily

cryogenics nitrogen dewar


Custom Cryogenic Dewar Flasks/Containers

What is dewar? How are they used in cryogenics? How can they be customized for applications in research, biopreservation, food processing, medical, military, and aerospace? Cryofab’s experts answer these questions.

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