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Jun 25

Why GM is Developing Fuel Cells | Theilacker wins cryogenic engineering award | nitro-brew coffee

cryogenic news - hydrogen

Planes, trains, but not automobiles— why GM is developing fuel cells

General Motors has contracted with two companies to develop new uses for Hydrotec, GM’s hydrogen fuel cell system. Wabtec will develop freight locomotives that use Hydrotec. Liebherr-Aerospace will explore applications for hydrogen fuel cell technology in aerospace. GM still sees infrastructure as a significant hurdle standing in the way of implementing hydrogen fuel cells for passenger cars. In their view, creating a global hydrogen fueling network would be a big undertaking with uncertain benefits. Read more via Ars Technica

cryogenic news - superconductors

Fermilab’s Jay Theilacker wins award for technical contributions, leadership from Cryogenic Engineering Conference

Jay Theilacker of Fermilab received the 2021 Samuel C. Collins Award for outstanding leadership and contributions in the field of cryogenic engineering. At the beginning of his career with Fermilab Theilacker worked on Tevatron, a ground-breaking cryogenic system that has since been designated an International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. He has previously won an award for best research paper in 1987, and an award for exemplary contribution in 2005 from the CEC. Read more via Fermilab

Nitro cold brew coffee: Why Rise Brewing Co. considers it a ‘game-changer’

Rise Brewing uses custom-built liquid nitrogen tanks to make it’s organic cold brew coffees. Cold brewing makes a sweeter coffee than brewing coffee with heat. By adding liquid nitrogen while the grounds are brewing, the company achieves a creamy texture. The resulting product is like a latte, but without cream and sugar. Read more via Beverage Daily

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Custom Cryogenic Dewar Flasks/Containers

What is dewar? How are they used in cryogenics? How can they be customized for applications in research, biopreservation, food processing, medical, military, and aerospace? Cryofab’s experts answer these questions.

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