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Mar 11

Pepsi Debuts Nitro Cola | Hydrogen Infrastructure Firm Builds Florida Headquarters | Liquid Nitrogen Impingement Freezer at Seafood Expo

Pepsi’s new nitrogen-infused cola, hit or miss?

Pepsi is using liquid nitrogen to put the fizz in its new fizzy drink, Nitro Pepsi. This new soft drink is said to have a creamier texture, with smaller bubbles and less carbonic acid tang than soft drinks made with CO2. Pepsi believes the nitrogen-processed drinks will win over people who don’t like heavy carbonation. Consumers in the US can look for Nitro Pepsi on March 28th. Read more via Gasworld

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GenH2, Titusville-Based Provider of Hydrogen Infrastructure, and North Brevard Development Zone Announce Economic Incentive Agreement

GenH2, a provider of hydrogen infrastructure, will locate its corporate headquarters in Titusville, Florida. The company received financial incentives from the county. In return, GenH2 promises to create 100 full-time jobs and a center for community education. GenH2 builds technology that will allow the safe production and distribution of liquid hydrogen for use as an alternative to fossil fuels. Among other buildings on the 10.5-acre site, a manufacturing center will assemble liquid hydrogen tanks. Read more via WFMZ/PR Newswire

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Messer Highlights Labor-Saving, Cryogenic Solutions that Increase Production at Seafood Expo

Messer Americas will showcase its Wave Impingement Freezer, which utilizes liquid nitrogen, at the Seafood North America tradeshow in Boston. In impingement the seafood is quickly frozen with a high-pressure spray of liquid nitrogen. This process improves the quality of individually quick frozen foods up to 50%. Read more via Food Industry Executive

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