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May 20

Accelerator Opens in Michigan | GENH2 Founder to Give Keynote | IBM THROWBACK CRYO COMPUTER | HYDROGEN FUEL FUTURE FOR TRUCKING

cryogenic news - physics

World’s most powerful heavy-ion accelerator to open in Michigan

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams has opened at Michigan State University. The FRIB accelerator will create rare isotopes that can be isolated into a beam and used for study. Another accelerator will smash the isotopes so scientists can learn more about the physics of stars and related phenomena. The FRIB features it’s own cryogenic plant for producing liquid helium. Read more via Jerusalem Post

cryogenic news

GENH2 Founder and CEO CODY BATEMAN Announced as Keynote Speaker at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

Cody Bateman of GenH2 will give the keynote address at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston this May. Mr. Bateman sees the conference as a chance to share ideas with high-level industry experts and promote clean hydrogen energy. GenH2 produces hydrogen infrastructure products, and plans to mass produce modular systems for safe onsite storage of liquid hydrogen. Read more via WFMZ

cryogenic news

IBM To Make Cryogenic Computers

In Electronic Weekly’s May 23rd edition from 1961, IBM announced that it would have the first commercial application of cryogenics in computers by 1964. Electronics Weekly has posted the article to its website. IBM believed cryogenic elements would improve reliability and lower computing costs. Their cryogenic computer operated in a liquid helium environment so that it could use superconducting switches called cryotrons. Read more via Electronics Weekly

cryogenic news - hydrogen

Hydrogen Likely to Be Next Fuel for Trucking, Panelists Say

Is the future of hydrogen-fueled trucking gaseous hydrogen or liquid hydrogen? An expert panel at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo discussed hydrogen infrastructure options, challenges, and opportunities. There could be an expensive mismatch if truckstops build gaseous hydrogen infrastructure, but truck manufacturers build liquid hydrogen vehicles. One advantage to liquid hydrogen is its purity. “I do believe the long-term future will be liquid hydrogen, especially in commercial vehicles.” said GenH2 CEO Cody Bateman. Read more via Transportation News

cryogenic valves in multiple styles

From Cryocomp

How to Specify a Cryogenic Valve

See what to consider and how to choose among options when specifying a cryogenic flow valve. Ensure that you get the ideal equipment for your vacuum jacketed piping system from our subsidiary, Cryocomp.

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