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Sep 10

Investing In Helium | World’s Largest Helium Hub | Cryopreservation Saves Coral

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Is helium coming of age as an investment?

Helium is “A scarce resource with increasing demand,” says investment analyst Dean Bristow. Imperial Helium Corp. of Western Canada seems to agree. The company plans to leverage local expertise and a helium well database to meet the growing global demand. For example, MRI machines and physics research use liquid helium. Read more via Investor Intel

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“World’s largest” helium hub comes onstream in Russia

The Russian firm Gazprom has brought a helium hub online, said to be the largest in the world. Liquid helium will be sent to market in cryogenic containers transported by a fleet of Gazprom Helium Service vehicles. The hub is expected to perform 4,000 operations per year that use special thermal-insulated containers. “This is an unprecedented figure, as there are currently only 2,000 thermally-insulated cryogenic containers in the world, which collectively carry all of the helium produced worldwide,” Alexey Miller of Gazprom told Gasworld. Read more via Gasworld

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Coral cryopreservation for breeding key to survival

A coral colony in Curaçao is the largest wildlife population raised from cryopreserved cells. Mary Hagedorn of the University of Hawai‘i has developed a way to speed up coral’s adaptation to climate change using cryogenically frozen sperm. The sperm in this study was extracted from distinct corals in Florida and Puerto Rico, and had been frozen for up to ten years. Healthy, resilient offspring resulted from cross breeding the coral species. Read more via University of Hawai‘i News

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Portable Cryogenic Containers for Helium

Our state-of-the-art insulated helium containers are designed for minimum-loss storage, transportation, and dispensing of liquid helium. The vapor-cooled multi shield technology with superinsulation ensures the lowest guaranteed loss rates.

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