Cryogenic Food

News Round Up for 2015

There were some interesting intersections of cryogenics and food in 2015: frozen dishes created with molecular gastronomy’s adventurous techniques; ultra frozen cocktails served with dramatic flair; and foods destroyed with liquid nitrogen on shared videos; adding cryogenic cooling to food processing increased efficiency, speed and quality.

Frozen Cryogenic Food

Around the world, chefs experimented with liquid nitrogen to freeze concoctions into exotic dishes. In India, one chef served Mexican Nacho Ice Cream with sharp cheddar cheese and peppers. You can watch a demo showing home cooks how to make cryogenic food creations at home.


Cryogenic Cocktails

Liquid nitrogen can super chill your cocktail glass, or even the vodka. Important! Planning to enjoy an exotic cryo-cocktail? Wait until the nitrogen has boiled off and vapor subsides before drinking it, as the extreme cold can cause damage.

Playing with Your (Cryogenic Frozen) Food

For the curious: what happens when you flash freeze a can of soda? An egg? Or an apple? The Internet is happy to provide you videos.

Cryogenic Food Handling

Cryogenic techniques improved the manufacture of foods, including meat, ready meals, wine and cookies. Cryogenic freezing and cryogenic cooling made high volume cookie production faster and the dough consistency better. In-line freezing techniques reduced or eliminated the need for freezer storage. Processing meats and poultry became more efficient with rapid and uniform cryogenic cooling. And, thanks to liquid nitrogen, you can enjoy canned wine without the can collapsing in your hand.

More Cryogenic News

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