Portable Liquid Helium Dewars

CMSH Series

liquid helium
liquid helium dewars

Designed for minimum-loss storage, transportation and dispensing of liquid helium. Our state-of-the-art vapor-cooled multishield technology with superinsulation ensures the lowest guaranteed loss rates*. The advanced insulation system results in quicker, more efficient cool down without nitrogen pre-cooling. Since there's no LN2 or helium gas circulation shielding, the CMSH is virtually maintenance free. Its a lighter, more compact and convenient replacement to traditional 4-walled helium containers.

  • liquid helium dewars-access port-a
    Figure A Access Port, 150L and smaller
  • liquid helium dewars-access port-dFigure D Access Port, 200L and larger
  • liquid helium dewars-access port-eFigure E Access Port, Optional Dual Access Port

Features of Liquid Helium Dewars

  • No liquid nitrogen shielding or helium gas circulation required
  • Lightweight but rugged construction stands up to trucking and everyday abuse
  • Suitable for air transport
  • All welded construction
  • Lowest loss rates in the industry
  • All units equipped with integral caster base
  • Easily removable and interchangeable manifolds
  • Applications include Distribution, Research and Liquefaction
  • Two-year warranty on vacuum

Select a capacity (liters) to see PDF specifications:
30 | 60 | 100 | 150 | 200 | 250 | 350 | 500 | 1000
Commercial air transport vessels:
250 | 400

Sizes up to 5000 liters available.

Custom work is our specialty see
Common Questions Asked When We Receive a Custom CMSH Liquid Helium Dewar Request

*on comparable units

customize liquid helium dewars

Customize it!

If you need it we can make it. Contact us to add any of these options to a standard CMSH liquid helium dewar, or to work with our experts to design the perfect container for your needs. Large and small run manufacturing also available.

Call 1.800.426.2186 or fill out our online request form to start designing the perfect tank for your application.

  • liquid helium dewars differential pressure liquid level gauges
    Differential Pressure Liquid Level Gauges
  • liquid helium dewars super conducting liquid level systems
    Superconducting Liquid Level Systems
  • liquid helium dewars flow meters
    Flow Meters
  • liquid helium dewars electric pressure building systems
    Electric Pressure Building Systems
  • liquid helium dewars built-in vacuum jacketed withdrawal valve
    Absolute Relief Valve for Air Transport
  • liquid helium dewars built-in vacuum jacketed withdrawal valve
    Built-in Vacuum Jacketed Withdrawal Valve
  • liquid helium dewars larger neck openings
    Larger Neck Openings
  • liquid helium dewars auxiliary side neck
    Auxiliary Side Neck
  • liquid helium dewars fork lift provisions
    Fork Lift Provisions Available on Sizes 400 lt and up
  • liquid helium dewarsremoveable dollies
    Removable Dollies Sizes 30 lt to 100 lt
  • liquid helium dewars pull handles
    Pull Handles Available on Sizes 100 lt to 1000 lt
  • liquid-helium-dewars-pro13
    Outboard Wheel Configuration Sizes 30 lt to 150 lt, Optional Wing Lock or Pedal Lock