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Dewar Flask – Common Customer Questions


There are a number of common questions asked when we receive a dewar flask request from customers. These questions are to get a better idea of what kinds of specifications the dewar flask is going to need to meet, based on your individual needs.

To give you an example of the questions we may ask you, please take a look at the list below:

How is this container going to be used?
What liquid gas service will this be used for?
Dimensional requirements? Inside opening? Depth?
Are there pressure requirements?
Do you require a flanged top termination?
Is this incorporated into a product to be sold?
What performance do you need from the dewar to meet the requirements of your application?

About the standard CF Series Cryogenic Dewar Flask.

Custom Dewar Flask Design

At Cryofab we specialize in custom cryogenic design, so even after meeting any of the above specifications we can still customize your flask even further.

Once you have submitted your request, we then might ask or offer optional additives such as:

  • Built-in fill lines
  • Built-in level sensor lines
  • Cover plates
  • Bottom drains
  • Caster mounting
  • Handles
  • Lifting lugs
  • Viewports
  • Side inlet/outlets
  • Autofill systems
  • Level controllers

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