Cryotherapy Treatment

News Round Up for 2015

Centers offering cryotherapy treatments for athletics and aesthetics have been in the news in 2015, opening up all over the world. On the frontiers of cancer treatment, cryotherapy was used to treat melanoma, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Other medical cryotherapy treatments focused on the preservative qualities of extreme cold to prolong cell life, save baby teeth, and perhaps one day, freeze and revive a human being.

Cryotherapy Treatments for Athletes and Celebrities

Famous athletes like Floyd Mayweather and celebrities like Katy Perry used cryotherapy in 2015 to treat sore muscles and stress. Whole Body Cryotherapy users report an endorphin rush and instant pain relief that lasts up to 24 hours.

Cryotherapy Treatments for Cancer and More

A woman was cured of melanoma thanks in part to freezing and removing cancerous cells with liquid nitrogen. Similarly, small benign breast tumors were safely neutralized and removed with a cryogenically cooled probe, and Canadian doctors turn to cryotherapy treatments for radioresistant prostate cancer. Cryotherapy techniques were tested for treatment of chronic bronchitis, and pain from rheumatic disorders.

Long-Term and Theoretical Cryotherapy Treatments

Cryopreservation had practical applications in 2015, such as preserving baby teeth and freezing human eggs for later fertilization. Not to mention frozen panda sperm sent from China to the US. Several articles from 2015 probed the theoretical limits of cryopreservation, and one church has adopted it as a way to perpetual life.