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Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Dewars & Accessories

“Cryofab makes the best dewars I’ve bought”
—Dr. Jeff Levine

Standard liquid nitrogen dewars are available in sizes ranging from a small 4" cryogenic dewar to a large horizontal tank that holds 425 liters. Cryofab engineers the perfect accessories for efficient cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage and transfer. Products like flexible hose, vacuum jacketed pipes, bayonets, evacuation components, and vacuum jacketed valves. We have decades of experience — we’re experts at custom design, OEM manufacturing, short run, and long run production. Contact us about your project.

Cryogenic Dewars and Transfer Lines for Liquid Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen

liquid nitrogen tank sizes

CL/CLPB Series Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Ideal for cryogenic liquid nitrogen, these portable dewars work equally well with liquid oxygen and liquid argon for low-pressure transport & storage. Pressurized or non-pressurized.

cryogenic dewar flasks

CF Series Dewar Flasks

Open-mouth cryogenic dewar flasks sized with 4" to 96" diameters and depths up to 20'. This flexible container has numerous options so it can be perfectly suited to lab, industrial, or technical applications.

liquid nitrogen hose with valve

CFCL Series Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Line/Hose

Vacuum-jacketed flexible transfer hose/lines for industry, labs, instrumentation, trailers, cryo-fuels, food service, semiconductors, medical, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology. Multiple diameters, lengths, and exterior materials.

low pressure cryogenic container

CFN Series Low Pressure Container

A robust container for transportation & atmospheric storage of cryogenic gases. This simple dewar has an uncomplicated operation, it is a perfect alternative to liquid supply in a lab or plant. Optional features, PED, and ASME dewars are available.

uninsulated cryogenic hose

CFUL Series Uninsulated Stainless Steel Flexible Transfer Lines

Uninsulated flexible transfer hose for industry, labs, cryocooler compressors, instrumentation, trailers, cryo-fuels, food service, semi-conductor, medical, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology. Sizes 1/4" to 4" i.d., lengths to 100'. Exterior can be braided, armor, or silicone.

vacuum jacketed piping system

Vacuum Jacketed Cryogenic Pipe Systems

Vacuum jacketed/insulated piping fabricated to customer-supplied specifications. Sizes 1/4" up to 2"o.d. inner pipe. Bayonets, VJ valves, Manifolds, in-line relief, expansion joints, elbows, tee sections, traps, and keepfuls are all part of this product mix.

horizontal cryogenic tank

CH Series Horizontal Cryogenic Storage Tanks/Vessels

Horizontal design for low-pressure transport and storage. The ideal cryogenic liquid nitrogen dewar for interaction with LN2 liquefiers. Equally good for liquid argon and oxygen. Easy to move and conveniently accessible in multiple sizes and configurations.

cryogenic storage and transport vessels

CLD/CHD Series Cryogenic Storage and Cryogenic Transport

Cryogenic transport vessels are designed to mount in vehicles, with features that make the delivery of liquid gases safer and easier. Made to DOT 4L specifications in sizes from 300 liters to 425 liters.

Dewar Accessories

cryogenic valves manual and actuated

C2000 Series Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic valves in sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ pipe-size weld ends. C2000 valves can be used with liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen service, and other cryogenic liquids. Choose manual or actuated functions. Can be customized.

cryogenic valves

C5000 Series Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Cryocomp C5000 vacuum-jacketed valves are available in 1/4″ to 1/2″ tube-size weld ends in globe or right angle body configuration. Applications for the C5000 Series include vacuum-jacketed piping, cold boxes, helium transfer lines, and cryogenic piping systems.

cryogenic bayonet assembly b3000

B3000 Series Cryogenic Bayonet Connections

A quick, highly-efficient connection for vacuum-jacketed transfer hose and vacuum-insulated piping systems. Sizes range from 1/2″ tube to 1″ pipe. Designed with a close fit between components for low heat leak. It will operate in the vertical or horizontal position.

cryogenic vacuum valve with side port

V1000 Series Evacuation Valves & Operators

V1000 vacuum seal-off valves are simple, inexpensive, and reliable. Valve sizes range from 1/4″ through 3″ with matching operators. Optional integrated port that allows a vacuum sensor to be installed without drilling and welding.

vacuum jacketed piping evacuation components

V2000 Series Spring-loaded Vacuum Valves

Designed for the evacuation of large 2.0″ vacuum systems such as cryogenic dewars, vacuum-insulated piping, and MRI magnet vacuum containers. This unique seal-off valve has a compact design that is vacuum-tight during normal evacuation with a spring-loaded poppet for relief.

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