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Jan 13

Cryofab, Inc. adds flexible metal hose to its existing standard product line of cryogenic equipment & accessories. With many available options, these cryogenic hoses can be made to fit virtually all requirements. Common uses are for liquid nitrogen transfer hose, LOX, LNG, liquid helium supply and more.

Cryofab now offers the ultimate in flexible metal hose for cryogenic liquid gases. Our hoses are used for, but not limited to: liquid cylinder filling; mini-bulk trans-filling; trailers; home care LOX (liquid oxygen) trans-fill; LNG (liquid natural gas) fueling/transfer; MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) trans-fills and helium compressor supply and return lines.

We offer non-insulated or vacuum-insulated metal hose in virtually any size, length or pressure with a variety of end fitting options to fulfill just about any connection requirement.

Full-length protective armor casing, cuffs, or anti-corrosive coverings can be applied to all hose for added safeguards.

Our LOX fill hoses are prepped and cleaned to CGA-4.1-2009 Oxygen Cleaning Specifications; however any hose can be cleaned to this standard depending on user requirements. Contact us now regarding all of your hose requirements and to request pricing at vjgrillo@cryofab.com or 1-800-426-2186, EXT.19.

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