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Nov 18

Kenilworth, NJ- Worldwide cryogenic manufacturing leader, Cryofab, Inc. has hired Vincent Grillo, Jr. as a Sales Engineer. A 2000 graduate of Penn State University, Grillo is well experienced in working with cryogenic companies.

Vincent Grillo, Jr. will be managing the day to day operations for Cryofab’s complete line of non-insulated hoses and vacuum jacketed transfer lines as well as collaborating on sales, engineering and design work for all Cryofab divisions. He comes to Cryofab from Saint-Gobain where he worked for 9 years as a manufacturing engineer and then transitioned to sales as the Eastern Regional Sales Supervisor for Norton Specialty Diamond Group.

Cryofab co-presidents, Vincent Grillo and Gregory Grillo are proud to welcome the next generation to the family business. Together, they will continue the traditions of reliability and innovation that made Cryofab a leader among cryogenic companies.

Vincent Grillo Sr. shares: “My father and his partners started this business in 1971. Together they designed, built and sold cryogenic equipment for all liquid cryogens, everything from dewars, transfer lines and research cryostats. They were ambitious, forward-thinking, talented.” Gregory Grillo continues, “Their strong work ethic combined with integrity and ingenuity developed the foundation that grew into one of the most trusted cryogenic companies in the world today. It is with great pride that we are able to continue this legacy with the third-generation.”

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